Are Hard Copy Resumes Still Relevant?

In todays world the majority of recruitment is now performed on-line with jobs being posted onto job boards and applications being sent digitally via filled out forms. This brings to light the question of whether or not there is still a need to create a resume. The simple answer is yes, resumes are still a vital component of the hiring process and we at Hire Print Skills fully advocate that candidates seeking new opportunity take the time to capture their skills and experience in a print ready digital format.

The tech world is moving ever faster and there is credence to the fact that going digital uses less natural resources which benefits the environment. However, having a hard copy of your resume in hand during an interview helps the interviewer develop a conversational flow. Utilizing job boards, social media profiles and email to apply to jobs may in-turn save trees having the ability to reference your resume during an interview is a great way to keep nerves in-check when reflecting upon your career. After all you may be a tad nervous when being interviewed by a potential employer. As a result of these nerves there are often times where the hiring manager will ask you a question regarding a previous date of employment, and you suddenly draw a blank. When you have a printed hard copy of your resume in front of you, it can easily be used as a reference sheet to answer any questions quickly and correctly.

Be Prepared

The pandemic has introduced a great increase in companies who now interview virtually. As a result you are likely interviewing from the comfort of your home office. Having two screens running as part of your interview plan is a great strategy. The interview may be conducted on your main screen while your resume is being displayed on a tablet or second monitor. While this is a great way to be prepared you still need to go a bit further and having a paper copy in front of you provides a safety net in case of technical difficulties or in case your screen dies or powers down.

Your Interviewer Might Not be as Prepared

You may have submitted your job application electronically, but that doesn’t mean the hiring authority will have it in front of them during your interview. They might misplace it, forget to print a copy, or accidentally delete it. And if that happens, the interviewer may turn to you to save the day!

Although there are many reasons why you should bring printed copies of your resume to the interview the number one reason is that having it in hand displays to your potential future employer that you are a person who is prepared.

Interview Flexibility

Having a copies of your resume allows you to relax a little more during a stressful process. If you find yourself being interviewed by multiple team members you will have extras to share demonstrating that you think ahead. 

Even if your resume is on their screen, offer a paper copy. Reviewing a hard copy of your resume can help refresh the interviewer’s memory and could also be a welcome break from a glowing screen.

Old School for the Win

Times and technology may change, but some things stay the same. And bringing a paper resume to your next interview—no matter where it is—is an old-school gesture that can help the interviewer remember why they wanted to meet with you in the first place!

No matter how you decide to present your resume, it needs to be well-written and highlight why you’re the best person for the job. And while you know yourself pretty well, some outside help can help take your resume from good to fabulous.

At Hire Print we are here to help you present yourself in the best light and will work with you to create a best version of your resume . Through our 20+ years of professional recruiting we have learned all the tips and tricks that can help your resume impress a hiring manager, whether it’s online or on paper, Hire Print is here to help

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