Specialty Print Production Manager

Posted by hireprint
On September 22, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia area – A hardworking and professional Specialty Print Production Manager who excels in communications and organizational objectives.

  • ¬†Proofreads all new artwork; edits and revises job instructions for better efficiency and clarity
  • Writes up all Certification of Compliances and analyzes dimensional parts for all required First Article Inspections
  • Works closely with Customer Service for schedule priorities and best-method practices
  • Technical liaison between customer specifications and production team
  • Trains and develops new team members
  • Tracks internal and external quality issues for continuous improvement
  • Reverse-engineered customer provided parts for quoting and production
  • Ordered supplies and replacement parts for all department equipment and machinery
  • Employee training and development
  • Authored procedures for department portion of the company handbook as well as in-house technical bulletin
  • Scheduling and payroll verification as well as workflow monitor
  • Quarterly inventory audits

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Specialty Print Production Manager