Structural Packaging Designer

London Ontario Area – an experienced structural packaging designer with 10+ years of experience in carton and POP work. Extensive experience working with local and international clients across four continents and across a variety of name brand lines. Produced successful results in these endeavours, utilizing various mediums, including corrugate, paperboard, foam, and plastics while maintaining the brand identity.

  • ArtiosCad, Cimex, Tops, CAPE, Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Designing new creative and practical
  • Designing new creative and practical
  • designs for cartons and POPs
  • Designing in corrugate, paperboard, foam, and plastics
  • Tool and die design
  • Creative and economical problem solving,
  • while maintaining brand identity
  • Training new team members in packaging
  • principals and software use
  • Devising standardizations of technical
  • drawings, practices and procedures
  • Producing illustrations, assembly
  • instructions and animated demonstrations

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Structural Packaging Designer